Purpose of these cupcakes

Cupcakes to celebrate a long serving staff’s 80th birthday and shared with customers.

About this order

One of Thrifty’s long serving staff member had a significant birthday and he is well known to Thrifty customers.  80 branded Bloom Cupcakes, individually boxed, were delivered to the Airport branch before 6 am.  They were handed out to customers as they came in the branch.

“They were amazing.  The impact for our customers was really great.  Thank you so much for such a great service right form the first contact, to placing the order and to deliver at such an awful time (before 6am).”- Lesley Miles.

Need corporate cupcakes?

There are many ways corporate cupcakes can be utilised to promote your business! If you’d like to know more about our corporate cupcakes simply contact us or click here to learn more.

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