Our Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to your use of the Bloom Cupcakes website and or products. In these Terms and Conditions, “us”, “we”, “our” or “Bloom Cupcakes” means Bloom Cupcakes Limited.

By purchasing one of our products, you are agreeing to the following terms.


All pricing is in New Zealand dollars and includes 15% GST. Our prices may change without notice.



Online orders can be placed with at least 2 business days’ notice, subject to our availability. All orders require full payment at the time of ordering. All orders including online, by phone or in person at our Shop require full payment at the time of ordering.

Bloom Cupcakes accepts cash (in Store only), Visa, MasterCard, and bank transfer.

We offer pick up orders at our Shop in Birkenhead, North Shore. We offer delivery within Auckland Metro areas.

Our cut off time for online orders (delivery and pick up) is 1.30pm 2 days before. However, you may call us to check if you can place your last minute orders, subject our baking schedule availability.

We reserve the right not to accept an order.


We do our best in fulfilling requirements and requests of our valued customers. However, we have restrictions on our cancellations policy.

NO refunds will be provided for orders that are cancelled with less than 7 days-notice due to costs incurred by the initiation of an order. This includes cancellation for change of mind, act’s of god and other unforeseeable events.

Main reasons for this policy:

  • All cupcakes and cakes are made from the finest ingredients and are lovingly hand-made. Each order is meticulously prepared and created and this requires time. For us to manage our baking schedule efficiently, we order ingredients and make necessary preparations for the cupcakes and cakes in advance.
  • Our baking calendar fills up quickly and is on a first come first serve basis. If you cancel your order, in addition to the labour incurred to prepare your order, your order has taken up the baking time that could have otherwise been given to another customer resulting from us losing on both orders.
  • Your special order includes special elements in the design or decoration that we may not be able to sell at our retail shop. In the event that you cancel your order, we are left with a customised cupcake(s)/cake(s).

All cancellation refunds are subject to a 20% fee to cover cost and time incurred by the initiation of an order. All order cancellations must be submitted in writing to order@bloomcupcakes.co.nz. All refunds are at the discretion of Bloom Cupcakes. Refunds are given as shop credits. No cash refunds.


We try to accommodate changes to the order as best we can, however, changes are permissible to an order up to 7 days prior to the scheduled pick up or delivery. Bloom Cupcakes cannot guarantee that alternative cake flavours, icing colours, styling elements that appear on our finished cupcakes and cakes will be available. All changes must be in writing to order@bloomcupcakes.co.nz.


Customers are entitled to a repair, replacement or in some cases, a refund only when a product is not acceptable quality. Bloom Cupcakes is not responsible for damage that may occur to an order after pick up or delivery. Bloom Cupcakes takes all care and effort to ensure the integrity and the quality of all our products. All orders that leave our kitchen are created with highest care possible. Once an order is received by a customer from the Bloom Cupcakes premises, we relinquish all responsibility for an order’s condition and appearance. We provide customers with care and handling instructions on our website and/or verbally. It is the customer’s responsibility to exercise care when carrying moving, and transporting their cupcakes and/or cakes. Once an order has been collected by the customer from our premises, the customer accepts responsibility for their transport. We cannot give refunds if there has been damage during transport by customer.

If an order is not collected by a customer at a scheduled pick up time, Bloom Cupcakes will not provide a refund for the order.

Once cupcakes and/or cakes have been picked up by your or your representative, it is considered that you have “accepted” in all their form, style, colour and design.

Refunds requested due to decorating style, colour or general design will not be honoured. Refunds requested due to quality of flavour is at our discretion based on the returned cupcakes/cake. No refund will be given for cupcakes/cakes that have been consumed.

Refunds are given at our discretion and in accordance to our policies above. All refunds are given as shop credit. No cash refunds.

We appreciate your understanding of our policies in regard to refund and cancellations.



Bloom Cupcakes offers a delivery service that will guarantee a customer’s order arriving in condition as intended by Bloom Cupcakes. Bloom Cupcakes will repair or remedy any damage, if it occurs in transit with the Bloom Cupcakes Delivery Service. Our courier service will take all reasonable measures to deliver products on or before the time for delivery set out in our order confirmation. We cannot guarantee delivery time due to factors outside our control, such as heavy traffic. Courier drivers will not be able to wait at delivery locations, if there is no authorised person to receive the order. Customers must ensure a person is available to receive the delivery. If there is no person to receive the product, the courier will exercise reasonable care in leaving the product in a safe place (i.e. sheltered area if applicable) at the delivery place. In the event where the courier arrives at the delivery location and is not able to leave the product, the courier will return the product to Bloom Cupcakes premises, at the customer’s expense. Once product is delivered, Bloom Cupcakes releases all responsibility for the condition of the product and will not provide refund for any damage or missing product after delivery.

Bloom Cupcakes will not be held responsible for the condition of an order once the product has been received by the venue.


Delivery fees are based on location and only available within the Auckland Metro areas. Our deliveries are sent from our Kitchen in Birkenhead, North Shore. We use private courier delivery drivers to ensure the safe delivery of our products due to its delicate nature.



We offer some cupcakes and cakes flavour which do not have gluten, eggs and peanuts as direct ingredients but we operate in a kitchen that handles wheat gluten, nuts, eggs, milk and other allergens so there maybe traces of these ingredients in our cakes.
If severely allergic, we suggest to err on the side of caution and not eat our products. We take good care in choosing quality ingredients for our products but are not responsible for allergic reactions these ingredients may cause.


Bloom Cupcakes is committed to quality and exceptional customer service. If a customer is dissatisfied with our products or service, we encourage customers to call us on 09 950 6775 or email order@bloomcupcakes.co.nz should they wish to provide us with feedback. We treat Customer feedback as valuable and will be assessed and responded to accordingly.


Customers may request particular decorative specifications. However all cupcakes and cakes are subject to the artistic expression of Bloom Cupcakes. All products are handmade and unique, so no two are ever exactly the same. As such, garnishes and decorations will change from time to time without notice depending on their availability. Where a certain styling element or decoration is unavailable, Bloom Cupcakes will endeavour to replace the element or decoration. Bloom Cupcakes will not provide a refund for a product that does not look identically like another product in a photo.



Items must be returned within 2 days of the date they have been collected from Bloom Cupcakes or delivered. If the return date falls on a day when our retail shop is closed, the hired items must be returned the following day when our retail shop is open. Should the hired items be returned late, the hirer will be charged another hire fee which will continue until the items have been returned.


A bond should be paid in cash upon collection of the item. Credit card payment for the bond can be accepted but when the bond is returned (subject to below bond policies), it would be the bond less the credit card charges.

The bond payment will be refunded to the hirer once item (and all accessories) has been returned in the same manner the hired item(s) were collected or sent out. Full amount of bond will not be refunded if there is any damage to the hired items that have occurred during the hired period or if the hired item is returned in a poorer condition than it was when it left the premises of Bloom Cupcakes.

Full bond may not be returned, if the hired item(s) are not cleaned properly. This is because every time we hire out items, we clean and make sure the items are clean and ready to use for the hirer. We just ask that you return the item to us in the same state and condition that you have borrowed it.


Should you cancel an advance booking your payment will not be refunded, although may be transferred to an alternative booking date, subject to availability and discretion of Bloom Cupcakes.


Bloom Cupcakes may claim additional charges against the hirer if:
If item is not returned on or by the date of termination, the hirer will be charged for each day exceeding the point of termination, until the item has been returned.

The equipment is returned dirty, in which case a cleaning fee will be charged.
Bloom Cupcakes and/or its representative(s) are made to drop-off or pick up the item, in which case the hirer will be charged for any costs incurred by Bloom Cupcakes subsequently.


The hirer authorises Bloom Cupcakes and/or its employees to access his/her property in order to deliver and remove hired item(s). Neither Bloom Cupcakes nor its employees will be held liable for any damages which occur during this process, including but not excluding damage to driveways/walkways, grass areas, underground services or any other damage.


The hirer agrees that he/she and his/her employees will take good care of the hired item(s) and use it in the way it was designed to be used.

Should the hirer fail to use the hired item in the proper way, he/she shall be liable for reimbursement to Bloom Cupcakes of any costs incurred subsequently.

Bloom Cupcakes is not liable for any losses, monetary or otherwise, incurred by the hirer due to the breakdown of the hired item while it is in the hirer’s possession.


No claim can be made to Bloom Cupcakes for any loss or damages suffered by the hirer during the use of any items hired.

Bloom Cupcakes is indemnified against any claims for damages suffered by third persons with regards to any loss, injury, damage, or other liability resulting from the hirer’s use of the hired item(s).


The term ‘damage’, when used at any stage within these terms and conditions refers to, but is not exclusive to the following.

Any incidental damage requiring minor repair.

Any loss or theft of the hired item, in which case the hirer must immediately notify the owner and also the police.

Any damage which occurs as the result of fire, earthquake, storm, or other natural event.

Any damage which occurs as the result of third party accident or interference.


The hirer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions upon payment of the hireage fee.

In accepting the hired item(s), the hirer will be deemed have checked the item(s) being hired are free from damages.