Wedding Cupcakes

Gerard & Anu Wedding Cupcakes

Gerard and Anu are very discerning couple and have great taste. They knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding and that is, only the very best. They wanted to have the very best cupcakes at their wedding reception and have done their thorough research and tried, I believe, all the cupcake shops in Auckland that they could find.

“I was in your shop last Sunday. You might remember me telling you that we had come over the bridge specially to try your cupcakes. Well we weren’t disappointed, they were delicious!”

They requested personalised cupcakes with their initials and something romantic and special for them. We came up with Belgian Chocolate Cupcakes covered with Chocolate Curls with their initials and love hearts as toppers.

After a week of their wedding, we were so happy to hear back from them so soon.

“Thank you so much for the wedding cupcakes. They were delicious! We are having drinks with some friends… and wanted to know if you could make about 30 cupcakes for that day, the same cupcakes you made for us last week.”

Individually boxed for their friends to take home.

What to know more?

Our wedding cupcakes can be 100% tailored to suit your wedding.

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